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Das Abendkonzert.

Foto aus dem Jahre 2016.

The evening concert.
Photo as of 2016.


Tanz- und Musiklokale. GEMA-Gebühren. Notentaxameter.

Produktneuheit von der discocontact-Messe. GEMA-Gebühr wird künftig nach gehörten Noten berechnet. „Ohne den Notentaxameter, den Mandy auch jetzt vorführt, werden Disco-Besuche nach der Einigung mit der GEMA nicht mehr möglich sein!“ (2012).

Dance and music settings. GEMA fees. Note taximeter. New product shown at discocontact exhibition. GEMA fee is in future calculated according to number of heard notes. „Without the note taximeter, which Mandy is showing off even now, disco visits according to agreement with GEMA won’t be possible anymore!“ (2012).

Mozart. Mohammed. Idomeneo.

September 2006: Deutsche Oper Berlin setzt Aufführung ab. Nachrichtensendung im deutschen Fernsehen: „Unser nächstes Thema: Die Angst vor islamischen Gefühlen …“
September 2006: German Opera Berlin discharges performance. News broadcast on German TV: „Our next topic: The fear of Islamic sentiments …“

Wie Bach und Händel sich doch noch getroffen, aber nicht gesehen haben.

Baptismal registration George Frideric Handel ...Image via Wikipedia
Bach and Handel were born in the same year, namely 1685, therefore they composed  approximately at the same time, recognized already in 1785 Charles Burney on the cosmopolitan and luxury-loving Handel and Bach the good family man who shared the cruel fate of blindness in old age. Bach has always suffered from myopia, at the end of his life he suffered presumably from cataracts. He was eye-operated by Dr. John Taylor who was passing through on 1 April 1750, three days later a second time.  Bach became completely blind and died on 28 July from fever probably a septic outcome of the operation. – On 13 February 1751 Handel noted in his score „Jephtha“ a weakness of the left eye. He went to several eye doctors, treatments are not known exactly, not even the time of complete blindness which obviously had to do with a surgery carried out by Taylor, probably 1758. This oculist John Taylor, born 1703 in Norwich, had been educated by the authority Cheselden, went – europe-famous- with a carriage that was over and over painted with eyes through the country and operated by method of cataract stabbing. The sometimes terrible failures, which he shared with his colleagues, stemmed especially from the disastrous hygiene. He ordered the patients to keep a bandage on their operated eyes for three days – in that meantime the famous healer was already at a safe distance already devoted to his next victims. Taylor supposedly died penniless and blind in a monastery.
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Insel der Träume: Chopin-Comic.

Painting I commissioned and of which I own the...Image via Wikipedia
Ölskizze von Eugene Delacroix, ca. 1837. Frédéric Chopin und George Sand.
Circa 1837 preliminary sketch of Eugene Delacroix’s joint portrait of Frédéric Chopin and George Sand.

„Chopins Beziehung zu der ungewöhnlichen George Sand (1804-1876) dauerte fast ein Jahrzehnt. Sie war die provokante Geliebte und Gefährtin bedeutender Männer, kämpfte für die Frauen und schrieb zigarrerauchend unter männlichem Pseudonym.“

„Chopin’s relationship with exceptional George Sand (1804-1876) lasted almost a decade. She was the provocative lover and companion of important men. She fought for the women and wrote, cigar-smoking, under a male pseudonym.“